Employee safety is of utmost importance, especially in manufacturing where risk is always present. However, you can reduce the risk of injury and accidents and ensure the smooth operations of your business by following these workplace safety tips. 

1. Train your personnel

Do you know what’s the most common cause of on-site accidents? Misuse of tools and equipment. It’s highly advisable that employees and technicians be upskilled regularly so that they are knowledgeable on how to properly operate and maintain machinery. Additional training for first aid is beneficial. 

2. Wear proper protective gear

Employees must wear their proper uniform and safety gear so that they are protected at all times. Additional safety must also be taken when working in particularly high-risk environments wherein personnel are exposed to toxic fumes and other hazards. 

3. Maintain equipment

While employees can integrate checking and maintenance into their daily routine, it is recommended to have a separate team or dedicated technician to do preventive maintenance. Testech has a roster of skilled professionals who have the necessary experience and training to address even the most complex issues. 

Regular inspections and checkups help build a safe and secure environment and encourage confidence among the team.

4. Put protocols in place for early reporting

Ensure that technical issues are addressed in a timely manner by creating a process for employees to follow. Encourage team members to spot issues and be proactive in reporting them so that these concerns may be addressed immediately. Safety is everyone’s concern. 

5. Be clutter-free

Employees should keep their work stations clean and clutter-free. This prevents any accidents and helps to raise the overall safety standards of the facility. Clutter-free zones also greatly impact mood and productivity. 

For more thorough cleaning and sanitation, it may be a good idea to work with a third-party service provider like Testech that can take care of the cleaning even during off hours. 

6. Take a break

While it seems counterproductive to productivity, taking a break when needed prevents fatigue-related accidents and allows people to become more alert when working at their stations. 

7. Automate

If and when possible, it is highly advisable to automate tasks in your processes. Automation not only reduces human error and boosts productivity, it also keeps employees safe as it reduces the time that personnel are in contact with machinery and equipment. And this, of course, minimizes risks and prevents on-site accidents. 


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