With the rising costs of electricity and the ever-increasing temperatures in the country, one must utilize every resource and employ every approach to reduce bills and improve comfort. 

This summer, our electricity and water fees are expected to become even steeper as we counter the debilitating heat of the metro. Fortunately, there is a cost-efficient means to address this, and the results last up to 15 years.  

Insulation King, distributed by the Testech Group, is just the solution for large homes and facilities. 

How Does it Work? 

Essentially, Insulation King is a type of insulation coating that is applied to a roof surface that reflects heat. Thus, it performs as a barrier that allows the temperature inside the facility to stay cool.

How is it Applied? 

Insulation King is applied like paint, with two full coatings equivalent to around four to five regular coatings. This insulation protection is designed with 100% nano-technology, meaning that it is able to adhere better to your roof’s surface and bind more cleanly, giving you better protection and durability. Due to the quality of this coating, you can be assured of a service life of around 10 to 12 years. In addition, this results in minimal roof maintenance. 

What Are the Other Benefits of Insulation King? 

Insulation King reflects more than 75% of sunlight, thus preventing heat from moving to the roof’s base surface. It has been proven to reduce roof temperature anywhere from 5°C to 28°C.

In addition, it dissipates heat rapidly with up to 90% of reflectivity to cool the roof. This translates to lowered electricity consumption – up to 30%! – as you will need less for ventilation and air conditioning. 

Thanks also to its nano-technology, Insulation King is built to be long lasting. It is waterproof and rust proof, proving well adapted for the tropical climate in the Philippines. Without rust, you can expect fewer leaks and less maintenance. Compared to other plain roof paints, Insulation King, indeed, outperforms them all. 

Apart from Insulation King, there are many more ways to conserve energy and lower your energy consumption this summer, which includes priming your air-conditioning units with Cold Plus Treatment and setting up an accurate power metering solution, as well as utilizing solar energy panels. 

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