Facilities management is an integrated strategy to manage, maintain, and enhance an organization’s facilities and infrastructure to support smooth and effective operations.

The primary goal of facilities management is to keep a facility in optimal functioning condition. However, most institutions do not devote adequate resources to properly manage and maintain operations, which has a direct influence on the financial bottom line and employee productivity.

Here are the 5 effects of poor facilities management:

Increased Cost for Emergency Maintenance

Facility management is well-known as a cost-effective solution for businesses. However, when facilities are mismanaged and fall into disrepair due to negligence, massive financial costs and, in the worst-case scenario, huge financial losses can be incurred by the company in order to bring the facilities back to a functional condition.


Threats to Health and Safety of Facility Users

Poor facilities management may result in a number of health and safety hazards. When a facility is poorly managed, it is likely that repairs are neglected, leading to the endangering of the lives of those who work within the property/ structure. Poor facilities also result in low employee productivity.


Reduction of Economic Lives of Facilities

Buildings suffer from structural depreciation as a result of maintenance negligence. When depreciation is severe, the building’s “economic life” is cut short. Without proper maintenance, the structural integrity of a building and equipment may lead to more repairs and financial burden.

Malfunctioning and Abandonment of Buildings

Poor facilities management is responsible for facility failure and abandonment. When routine checks and renovation are overlooked, machines can easily malfunction and structures can quickly deteriorate to the point that they are no longer safe. Usually, when a building can no longer be rehabilitated, it is abandoned.

Negative Client Experience and Review

Output is directly affected by poor facilities management. Malfunctioning equipment can cause costly delays, expensive repairs, and faulty products, which can lead to negative reviews of your business – from employees, customers/ end-users of your product, and stakeholders. Facility managers thus must recognize why customer experience influences facility management and how client interactions may be used to improve facility conditions.

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