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Energy efficiency reduces operating costs for businesses, lowers carbon emissions and shows that a company cares for the environment.


The Scaleblaster is the first and only electronic limescale descaler that addresses hard water problems without the need of salt, chemicals, or maintenance. This requires no special tools or cutting into the pipes.

Extreme Ultra

Air-conditioning leaks can lead to life-threatening medical conditions and high-energy consumption. Permanently repair
leaks of up to 0.3 mm in size with Extreme Ultra. This can beused on the rubber and metal components of air conditioningand refrigeration systems, including those in vehicles.

Sky Tunnel

Allow natural light to illuminate your spaces with the Sky Tunnel. It has no running costs, requires no maintenance, and does not increase the heat load on your building, resulting in reduced energy consumption of your air-conditioning systems.

3M Window Films

3M Window Films are a type of window treatment applied to windows and glass surfaces, which are designed to reduce solar heat transmitted through the glass, increase tenant comfort, conserve energy, and even increase safety and security.

Energy Efficiency VFD

Adjust frequency of electric motors to optimize operation and reduce electricity consumption, control ramp-up and ramp-down, and avoid current surge.

Factory Automation

Customized machine automation solutions improve product handling, inspection reliability, and overall productivity ensuring long-term business sustainability.

Augmented Reality

Augmented Reality

On-site personnel can collaborate with remote experts on any device, record live sessions, follow step-by-step instructions, tag data using IoT and AI computer vision, access manuals, inspection records, and other relevant data on a secure knowledge base even in low-bandwidth situations.

Cold Plus Treatment

Air-Con is the highest electricity expense of most companies.  Oil fouling inside refrigeration tubing prevents efficient heat transfer, affecting air-con efficiency, increases electrical costs and shortens equipment life.

Save up to 35% of electricity costs.

Industrial Solar System

Solar systems are good long-term investments in renewable energy that reduces operating costs, helps fight climate change, and contribute towards the goal of carbon-neutrality.

Thermal Roof Insulation

Roof coating extends use life and more importantly, reduces heat absorption.  Actual roof temperature reduction from 65°C to 35°C increases comfort and significantly reduces cooling costs.

Indoor Air Quality/ uHoo

Effectively monitor indoor air quality to ensure healthy and clean air in workspaces, free from potentially harmful chemicals and pollutants, to enhance productivity, reduce absenteeism and improve employee retention levels.

IoT Smart Sensors

Obtain real-time data on facility equipment performance, environment and conditions to enable information-based management of critical equipment.

Document Management System

Digitization helps to improve efficiency of operations and makes process automation possible.  Human errors are eliminated and operational costs are reduced significantly, enabling higher productivity.


Facilities require specialized cleaning services, supplies and equipment to meet industry standards and comply with critical requirements.  3M provides reliable cleaning and workplace safety solutions.


Disinfection is the highest form of cleaning and helps ensure health and workplace safety.  Approved techniques such as fogging disinfection, high-pressure constant steam cleaning, and wiping down high-touch points.

Specialty Cleaning

Facility cleaning includes regular and deep cleaning to maintain building grounds and equipment, including walls, walkways, driveways, windows, cleanrooms and other important areas. Effective skills, cleaning supplies and equipment ensure efficient solutions to maintain facilities.