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Integrated Facilities Management

On-site 24/7 maintenance coverage and scheduled maintenance services


Technical Expertise

Our broad experience with many industries enables us to provide the best technology solutions and services that meet your specific facilities needs.

Man-Hour Support

We provide preventive and periodic maintenance for your equipment. Whether you have a one-time project or are looking for full-time technicians, we have well-trained professionals to properly maintain and protect your investments.

Power Quality Analysis

Avoid lost time, productivity, and additional costs due to power quality issues that can lead to downtime, or worse: complete shutdown, poor service, data errors, shortened equipment life, and unscheduled interruptions.

Fire Detection and Alarm System

Ensuring your FDAS is reliable is essential to protect lives, reduce property loss, and to keep your operations running smoothly.

Wastewater Treatment

Maintain wastewater treatment facilities to ensure compliance with environmental standards.

Electrical Preventive Maintenance

Prevent serious electrical damage, equipment malfunction, work disruption and other problems that result from electrical faults and system defects.   Expensive equipment repair and replacement costs can be avoided with regular fault detection and proper maintenance.

Thermal Imaging

Thermography detects electrical faults before they become major problems resulting in costly equipment damage and replacement, equipment downtime, and even facility fires.

HVAC and Mechanical Services

Optimal HVAC performance reduces energy costs and can realize up to 35% savings as well as avoid premature failure and extend equipment life.

Electro Mechanical Works

Managing and maintaining facility equipment such as gensets, fire pumps, motors and compressors extends equipment life and reliability as well as ensuring reliable operations when most needed.

Building and Grounds Maintenance

Keeping facilities well-maintained ensures your business appears the way it should to your clients, partners and employees.  We take care of repainting, roof repair and maintenance, plumbing, electrical, mechanical and other services.

Non-Destructive Testing

Detect electro-mechanical defects in critical equipment enabling proper maintenance and repairs.  Non-destructive tests include UTG (ultrasonic thickness gauging), DPT (dye penetrant testing), Thermal Imaging, among others.