We provide comprehensive support and solutions

Semiconductor Manufacturing Process Support

Auto inspection of semiconductor substrates, tape and reel packaging, material and product inspection and testing, other process requirements and turnkey solutions for enhancing operations and productivity.

Manufacturing Process Outsourcing

Outsourcing processes and even entire production lines can help optimize and attain efficient operations while ensuring compliance to government mandated requirements.

Substrate Backend Inspection Process

Verifier Remote Control System

Auto Sorting

Green Laser Marking

CO2 Laser

Auto Visual Inspection

Rinsing and Packing

Source Inspection

Ensure quality assurance of raw materials, semi-processed and final products before acceptance / delivery / shipment.  Services can include auditing, auto/ manual visual quality checks, function testing, and other requirements.

Tape and Reel and Various Transfer and Packaging Processes

  • Input from tube, tray, or bulk loading
  • Fully Auto / Semi Auto / Manual Tape & Reel
  • De-Taping / Inspection / Re-Taping
  • Reel-to-Reel Inspection

Microscope Maintenance/ Reconditioning

Optical Microscope cleaning, repair, maintenance and refurbishing.  Parfocal checks and adjustment to ensure clear images and effective inspection.

Board Repair and Rework

Troubleshooting and repair of load boards, test boards, probe cards and burn-in boards.

Warehouse Management

We take care of organizing and managing your warehouse to optimize space, lower operating expense, enhance productivity, and achieve clearer inventory visibility.