For decades, we have been told that the earth is at its breaking point; especially as we use more resources than we need, burdening the environment. But, there’s hope. In the past years too, we have been coming together to find more solutions to become better stewards of the environment and to reduce our carbon footprints.

As homeowners, business owners, facilities managers, and such, we can do our part!

This Energy Saving Week (January 17 to 23, 2022), we share with you a few ways to help Mother Earth, which, fortunately, also benefits your homes/ businesses as these can also save you on your energy consumption and expenses.


Energy-Saving Tips to Try

Did you know that most of the energy we consume is in the form of electricity? It is estimated that small businesses spend more than $60 billion a year on energy. Here’s how you can bring down your energy consumption and electricity costs.

  1. Unplug appliances and turn off your lights when not in use. These still consume energy even when they’re on standby.

2. Switch to energy-efficient office equipment and appliances. These can significantly reduce your electricity consumption and you can see the effects immediately – by the next billing, in fact!

3. Consider going solar. This will require some adequate investment, but a solar energy system can greatly offset your energy consumption and reduce your electricity bill in the long run.

4. Regular cleaning and preventive maintenance is a must, especially if you take care of a big household, office, or factory. Insufficient cleaning and negligence can quickly turn a manageable problem into a costly one. So, consult the experts for regular cleaning and inspection of your spaces and equipment.

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