With the sweltering heat wave, turning on the A/C at the office and in our homes is literally lifesaving, keeping everyone cool and comfortable within the home/ facility. And while the A/C is very soothing to have, the rising electricity bills may have you feeling a bit woozy. And such, it is important to check whether the cause of your high electricity bill is due to improper maintenance, repair, or cleaning of your unit. 

Here’s how a faulty air conditioner can lead to high-energy consumption.

1. Faulty compression

Usually, when it comes to a faulty unit, compressor is the first mechanism to be checked. It serves as the “heart” of the AC as it is the motor that ensures the continuous cooling cycle of the unit. A broken compressor is not only responsible for your high electricity bills, but it is also a risk hazard. 

2. Clogged filters

If you’re not cleaning or properly maintaining your unit, a clogged air filter may be the reason why your AC is not cooling down the air fast enough. Clogged air filters hinder air flow and thus affects the cooling capacity of your unit. Have this cleaned or replaced immediately.

3. Dirty coils

One other part of the AC unit that should be cleaned regularly is the condenser coil, which can accumulate a lot of dirt. The coil is responsible for dissipating heat removed from the air, and so when it is loaded with dirt and debris, the AC must work doubly hard to cool down the room, consuming a lot more energy.

4. Insufficient coolant

Over time, the level of coolant in your unit can go down and so a top-up is necessary to ensure that it is able to cool air as it flows over the evaporator coils.

5. Oil fouling

Oil fouling is one of the most significant factors of efficiency loss, and if not addressed, it can worsen over time. Oil fouling occurs when oil lubricant deposit builds up in the exchanger and valves. These prohibit refrigerant gas to flow and makes it harder for the unit to cool down the air. In addition, if the build-up continues, it can further damage other parts of the unit. This must be addressed immediately. 

In the latter case, have your units immediately checked by Testech Group and avail the Cold Plus service, a revolutionary AC and refrigeration treatment. This helps you save on energy by up to 36%. This one-time application lasts for the entire life of your appliance and thus, helps you save on maintenance cost, while reducing carbon emissions. We can also conduct preventive maintenance and repairs of AC.

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