Start the new year with a clean slate! 

As 2022 ends, with everyone heading home for the holidays, building managers should take advantage of the Christmas lull at the office and schedule the company’s much-needed maintenance, cleaning, and repairs. 

The holiday break is the perfect time to do all the upkeep at the factory, office, or facility, as there will be no distractions. And with Testech Group’s team of skilled cleaners and repair personnel, we can ensure that your spaces are quickly and efficiently sanitized and well taken-cared of. 

As the company enjoys its well-deserved vacation, Testech Group gets down to business!

Testech Group offers a comprehensive menu of services for your facilities specialty cleaning needs, these include window cleaning, deep cleaning, carpet cleaning, mattress cleaning, housekeeping, and disinfection. In addition, Testech Group makes it easier for you to manage your facilities as all of these services can be provided under one contract. This means that you can avail of these services year-round at the best packaged price, and you only need to coordinate with one appointed representative. 

Testech Group believes in empowering management with the right tools and solutions to effectively run your business/ operations. Enjoy stress-free, hassle-free, and cost-efficient Integrated Facilities Management services. 

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