There are many facets to running a company. On top of production and manufacturing, business owners also have to ensure the quality of products, think about marketing strategies, and check their customer service. Then, they must take care of matters concerning employee management and finances. Of course, the facilities also have to be managed well, otherwise, they will negatively affect the company. This is why many businesses are now taking advantage of Integrated Facilities Management

What is Integrated Facilities Management?

Integrated Facilities Management (IFM) is an approach where multiple facilities, such as manufacturing facilities and maintenance facilities, are consolidated under the management of a single team, usually an outside service provider.

Basically, this means you’ll only have one agency taking care of everything related to your business facilities – from your premises repair, equipment maintenance, electro mechanical works, etc.

5 Reasons Why Facilities Management is Great For Your Business

With Integrated Facilities Management, you can achieve business continuity, where crucial processes run without disruption.

IFM also has the following advantages:

1. It’s more convenient

One of the best things about Integrated Facilities management is how convenient it is.

Rather than having a list of contacts for different facilities, you usually only need to get in touch with one point person when you need something. Initially, it may seem like a trivial advantage, but in the long run, it saves time, energy, and money.  

2. IFM improves response time and prevents possible problems.

In non-streamlined operations, you need to file a request and wait until someone is available before issues can be resolved. On the other hand, Integrated Facilities Management providers, like Testech, often have 24/7 support. That means work order requests can be attended to in real time.

Moreover, IFM has a system that can prevent problems via proactive maintenance checks.

3. It allows you to focus on your core business

Because IFM is time-saving and energy-saving, you can focus on your core business. Since you can delegate facilities management to a unified team, you can better address critical day-to-day tasks that help your businesses thrive.

4. It controls costs

Switching to Integrated Facilities Management means you can cut down on operational costs because you pay only for what you need. This is a great advantage compared to when you have to pay several providers who have a strict package with services you might not benefit from.

IFM providers may also help you put together a budget based on your facilities goals. With their experience, they can also help allocate money on preventive measures or emergencies.

5. IFM ensures expertise and provides industry- leading technology

Because IFM providers specialize in managing facilities, they don’t have to second guess their way around your requirements or goals. That means with Integrated Facilities Management, you can have access to expert personnel and industry-leading technology that can help lead your business to success.

How Testech Group Can Help

At Testech, we have years of experience under our belt when it comes to facilities management. We can provide you with services, such as preventive and periodic equipment checks, grounds maintenance, cleaning and sanitation and power quality analysis.

Give us a call today at 0917 705 0418 to learn more about how we can manage your business facilities.