Last October 3, 2022, Testech and Powergold Engineering Enterprises formalized their partnership, with the latter becoming the newest sub-distributor of Cold Plus Treatment.

Apart from being the proud outsourcing service provider of multinational companies, Testech Group aims to help other leaders of industry through lucrative business opportunities. Testech Group does not promote just any product or service and still abide by our commitment to promote clean and green products, those which help the environment, and which empower others to become better stewards

Testech Group is the exclusive distributor of Cold Plus, a revolutionary AC and refrigeration treatment that help homeowners and building managers reduce electricity consumption by up to 35% .Cold Plus removes oil fouling, which is one of the significant factors of efficiency loss. If oil foiling in a unit is not addressed, it can worsen over time.

Oil fouling occurs when oil lubricant deposit builds up in the air-conditioning exchanger and valves. This prohibits refrigerant gas to flow and makes it harder for the AC unit to cool down the air. This one-time application lasts for the entire life of the appliance. Save on maintenance cost, while reducing carbon emissions.

Make a Stand Against Global Warming 

The effects of climate change are undeniable, and its impact can be felt all across different households and businesses. Testech, as a leader in industry, invites everyone – from individuals to corporations – to make a stand and become better stewards of our environment.

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