Oil fouling has an effect on your air-con units like plaque in one’s arteries. It clogs the refrigerant tubing in your air-conditioning system and prevents your unit from working properly.

What is oil fouling?

Oil fouling is defined as the accumulation of unwanted oil deposits in the oil system. It blocks heat transfer and decreases the efficiency of air-con systems. According to the Refrigeration Systems Engineers Society (RSES), a small amount of the compressor’s lubricating oil – around 8% – circulating through the air-con system is not harmful. But, when oil fouling starts to build up and clog the refrigerant tubing, your air-con will be unable to cool down air effectively. 

According to the American Society of Heating, Refrigerating and Air-Conditioning Engineers (ASHRAE), oil fouling causes a loss of about 7% efficiency in the first year of your AC’s use, 5% the second year, and 2-3% every year thereafter.

Can it be prevented?

Yes! Cold Plus is a new revolutionary AC treatment, exclusively distributed in the Philippines by Testech Group. It cleans the system with special surfactants and detergents and improves refrigerant flow, allowing you to save up to 35% on electricity costs! It is designed to corrects oil fouling. Cold Plus needs to be applied only once, so you get a return on investment in just one month.

The added benefit is that it speeds up the thermodynamics, nano-polymers reduce surface tension and improve refrigerant flow. It improves pool boiling by additional inert suspended polymers act as a nuclei. It reduces friction with PTFE, allowing the entire system runs smoother with less energy.

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