In a tropical country such as the Philippines, typical air-conditioning costs account for 50%-60% of the total electricity bill, which is immense! And so, it is critical to keep your air-conditioning units working at optimal level.

AC efficiency, unfortunately, declines very quickly due to oil-fouling. Oil fouling creates an insulating barrier of compressor oil inside the walls of the refrigerant tubing, much like plaque build-up inside your arteries. This, in effect, reduces the refrigerant’s ability to transfer heat and affects cooling.

Oil fouling greatly contributes to the decline of your unit’s efficiency. On the first year, efficiency loss is at 7%, then 5% on the second year, and 2%-3% every year thereafter, according to the American Society of Heating, Refrigerating and Air-Conditioning Engineers (ASHRAE).  

Fortunately, there’s an innovative solution that can address this problem and save you in costly repairs! Cold Plus – exclusively distributed in the country by Testech Group – is designed to correct oil-fouling and protect refrigeration tubes by coating the tubes with PTFE (similar to Teflon) that stays on the tubing even if the refrigerant needs to be replaced. Treatment usually lasts for the lifetime of the equipment/ appliance, but re-application is recommended every 8 years. 

Does it really work?  

The temperature shown above is the evaporator coil at a telco data center where Cold Plus was applied. Immediately, the temperature dropped from 22 degrees C to 15 degrees C. On another compressor where Cold Plus was applied, the temperature dropped to 14.9 degrees C. Imagine how much more efficient evaporator coils can become just by removing oil-fouling? A 7-degree reduction in an evaporator has a big impact!


What are the benefits of Cold Plus?  

First, the compressor becomes more efficient. It doesn’t have to work as hard, thus reducing electricity consumption. In a test, the electric current dropped from 19 Amps to 16.5 Amps. This is a 14% reduction just after using Cold Plus!

Furthermore, with a cooler and more efficient air-conditioning system, the temperature setting of the air-conditioner can now be set at 24 degrees C, which is ideal for room comfort. Instead of setting the temperature to 17 degrees C to try to make the room cooler, every degree higher actually reduces electricity consumption by 5% to 6%. So, a 7-degree adjustment in temperature will actually save about 35% electricity cost!


Ideal temperature setting is at 24 degrees C. With the high cost of electricity (an estimated Php14/kwh), the amount of savings that can be generated is significant.

With so much focus on global warming and carbon footprint reduction, compliance to the Energy Efficiency Law (RA11285) is imperative for any company and facility.

Testech Group can help in this regard, helping you maintain your units while bringing down electricity costs and repairs.

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