After months of development, the Testech Group is happy to have launched our new and improved site last August 9, 2022! 

This comes months after meticulous planning and development, in collaboration with our Marketing, Sales, and IT departments. 

We had the vision to create a more seamless online experience for our clients, while providing relevant and informative content to help them operate their businesses more efficiently. 

We’ve designed our website to be faster and more user-friendly, with easier navigation, improved security features, and an advanced quick search tool.

Find our wide range of business solutions and services at the tip of your fingers – from integrated facilities management to Semicon manufacturing process support, to automation and energy efficiency. Everything you need to ensure the smooth operations and productivity or your businesses can be provided for by the Testech Group. 

For particular services for your industry/ business needs, check out “Services” page, which provide comprehensive information on the different solutions we provide. In addition, view our “What’s New” section for more updates and the latest news. We’ve also made it easier for you to also get in touch with us and join our teams via our “Careers” and “Contact Us” tabs. 

We will continually improve our site and welcome all feedback and suggestions. 

Visit us at

Here’s to a new look to celebrate a new milestone for our ever-growing enterprise! 

Thank you to the overflowing support of the team! Cheers to our success!