The past few months have flown by so quick, yet we’re so proud of the progress that we’ve made so far!

Last July 14, Testech Group, headed to the Sta. Elena Golf Club to celebrate our wins as a team, as well as set our plans for the rest of 2022. Our new goals and targets include launching various programs and activities aimed to further empower our management and employees, boost operational efficiency and productivity, and sustain company expansion.

While excited for the upcoming months, we took the opportunity to first pause and reflect. We reviewed our goals and objectives first set last year, and compared them to the actual results achieved. We gleaned insights from this important data, which helped recalibrate our targets and strategies for the most critical aspects of our business.

We understand that in order to thrive in this post-pandemic economy, we must continually evolve and adapt to the needs of our market.

With the overwhelming support of our teams, and thanks to the inspiring leadership of our executive committee, we have found our energies fully renewed! We as a team have set our eyes on our new “north star” and are aligned and committed towards reaching it!

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