Company History

Testech Group is a leading industrial process outsourced solutions provider to the Electronics, Semiconductor, and Non-Electronics industries. Testech, Inc., Device Dynamics Asia Philippines, Device Dynamics Asia Malaysia, NextGen Innovations Philippines, Inc. and Manchester Electronics Innovations Inc. are the subsidiaries established to support the different needs of the industries.

Testech, Inc., established in 2000, is the leading industrial process outsource process service provider with key expertise in high-precision and state-of-the-art auto and manual visual inspection of complex semiconductor substrates, laminates and leadframes. Top manufacturers in the world have qualified and trust Testech for backend processing and inspection to dropship products directly to their customers.

Device Dynamics Asia Philippines (DDAP) and Device Dynamics Asia Malaysia (DDAM), established in 1997 and 2004 respectively, were acquired in 2007. DDAP and DDAM are complete back-end turnkey solutions providers of Finishing and Packaging services to the semiconductor and electronics manufacturing industry. Both companies are qualified by several large multinationals for Commercial, Industrial, Medical, and Automotive industries.

Nextgen Innovations Philippines, Inc., established in April 2012, is a industrial process outsource solutions company that provides post deployment managed services for office, sales, production, packaging, janitorial, specialty cleaning, warehousing, logistics and transportation personnel to all industries.

Manchester Electronics Innovations Inc., established in June 2015, provides cost-effective manufacturing process outsource solutions related to inspection, assembly, testing, maintenance, facilities, and other areas to the Semiconductor, Electronics, Pharmaceutical, Medical Supplies, Automotive, Consumer and other Commercial manufacturing industries.

Testech Group offers the Captive line business model as a flexible arrangement to our foreign and local customers where Testech can easily be an extension of their company’s facility. Both Testech and the Customer can agree on the model where Testech can also provide the facility and other necessary manufacturing support to the customer.

The Testech Group is committed to the highest standards of Quality of Products and Services and of Business Excellence. The Company has been ISO 9001 certified since 2003 and likewise attained ISO / IATF 16949 Certificate of Compliance. Testech is also subscribed to EICC-ON (Electronics Industry Citizenship Coalition).